Storage technology

Stationary plants

Intake pit with intake trough chain conveyor type BAT

Bucket elevator type BBE

Procleaner with cyclone

Trough chain conveyor type BTK

Stees sheet round silos

with vertical ladders, roof ladders and a catwald for conveying technology
Available in different versions:

  • with ventilation hopper
  • Hoppersilos with 45° or 60° hopper
  • Truck load silos

Control computer WIDOMIX Pro

with control cabinet to weigh, dose and mix each component automatically

Agro- and Modularsilos

in different versions:

  • with 45° oder 60° hopper
  • rectangle silos
  • Silos with discharge augers

Hammermill type BHOS with drum purifier type BTR

Trough augers type BTS

Mineral-, medicine and limestone dosing containers, as well as feed oil and acid dosing

Autofilter type BAF

to reduce dust outlet and cool the mill material

Feed mixer and industrial mixer on weighing frames

Tubular screw augers type BVS and conveying spirals type BFS

Mobile plants

By optimizing the main components, a new 550mm hammer mill, the new filter system, the drive train and the pipe routing we were able to increase the performance over its predecessor again.

The Tourmix SD combines highest performance with easy handling. Coarse meal, rolled grain, and other feed components are directly (without rotary valve) fed into the mixer and processed, where our rotational sucker automatically sucks the mixed feed and discharges discarges it pneumatically. Together with the minimal maintenance cost by way of few wear parts and the user friendly residue-emptying of the complete plant the TOURMIX SD results in a powerfull overall package.

What´s the plan today – your customer demands a a 12 t large mixture, to different feed mixtures, or a 500 kg special mixture?

Everything is possible with the new TOURMIX DUO.

Because it is equipped with two mixing containers, two weighers, two filter units, and a large hybrid blower with a variable drive. two completely different mixtures can be simultaneously produced and discharged.

The TOURMIX Control stands for a notable advance regarding mobile milling and mixing plants: You only state what the plant should do, and the computer calls up the necessary instructions.

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